How I listen to Audio Books for Free on Android

How I listen to Audio Books for Free on Android

Amazon Audible is amazing but I wanted to listen to multiple audio books at the same time and was not sure if audio books is a thing for me so wanted a way to try it out for FREE for couple of months.

Here is how you can listen to Audio Books for FREE

So there are two things.

  1. An audio player for the audiobook
  2. A place to find audiobooks

I find my audiobooks here -

You can search for the exact name of the book or search the author's name. The search is not that optimised so try doing Both and visit till the last page after you search for something.

After you find something it will ask you to sign up for an account and choose the torrent option. If you are worried about privacy just go to and use that email to sign up and remember your username or email

After you find your book choose the magnet link, and make sure you have a torrent downloader. For android I use torrdroid . If you use IOS then try to download the book on a computer and then transfer it or just google how torrent works on iPhones.

Now that's sorted. Here is the player

Install this and pick a folder where you will continue to keep your books. So before installing keep a folder just dedicated to books

I choose this player because the UI is really good and you have various control for speed and sound

That’s it

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